How were abortions done in the past?

Answer During periods where abortions were illegal, women found widely varying ways to terminate unwanted pregnancies. From ancient times, the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and almost every other culture had ... Read More »

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How many abortions were done in 2007?

Determining an exact number of abortions can be difficult to do because of under-reporting and a lack of centralized data collection. The Centers for Disease Control estimated over 188,000 abortion... Read More »

Can abortions be done at 17 weeks?

Yes, a surgical abortion can be performed at 17 weeks. However, the procedure is much more invasive than if the abortion were performed during the first trimester as the fetus is too large to be re... Read More »

How many abortions were performed in 1992?

In the 1992 calendar year, there were a total of 1,359,145 legal abortions performed in the United States, a 2.1 percent decrease from 1991. The abortion ratio for 1992 was 335 legal induced aborti... Read More »

How many abortions were carried out in 2008?