How were US military medals numbered and on what part or area of the medal was the number stamped?

Answer they were not numbered. they are colored ribbons. each listed the requirements for earning the medal/award...............

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Does a brake drum have a part number stamped on it?

Yes, brake drums have part numbers stamped on them, which helps with the process of tracking purchases and replacements. They usually also have stamps that indicate the maximum diameter specificati... Read More »

Is the Navy Expeditionary Medal or Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal considered combat medals?

It depends on the situation. The Veterans of Foreign Wars considers the Expeditionary Medals evidence of engagement in combat for purposes of membership.

How does earl of Wessex have the right to wear Military Uniform when after all he flunked out of the Military Also am I to understand that the medal he wore at the armistice Service were not Military?

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Can someone keep their same phone number (including area code) when moving to a another part of the state?

yes, but only if you have VoiP ( Broadband) phone provider....I moved from one state to the next...and just took my equipment with me...plug it in, and nothing changed...the phone number....when yo... Read More »