How well would a plant grow without fertilizer?

Answer if you are growing a normal plant native to your area; it will grow just fine without fertilizer. but if you are growing an exotic plant indoors or in a greenhouse it will not do as well without al... Read More »

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How well would a plant grow in a pure yellow light?

Does fertilizer make a plant grow bigger?

Fertilizer provides plants with some essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. Plants absorb these nutrients and grow stronger roots, healthier foliage and blossoms and, in th... Read More »

Will egg shells for fertilizer help a plant grow faster?

Egg shells are an inexpensive homemade fertilizer option that can improve the growth rate and quality of your plants. Egg shells help restore calcium into the soil, as well as nitrogen and phosphor... Read More »

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Plant growth is important to agriculture because farmers need to produce food efficiently. Fertilizer assists in plant growth. Farmers select fertilizers they believe will not only make their pla... Read More »