How well does treatment for depression work?

Answer Depression is a serious psychological disorder that many people suffer with needlessly. Depression can be treated, but the effectiveness of the treatment depends on a number of different factors.Ty... Read More »

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Does boric acid treatment for vaginal yeast kill all the good bacteria as well?

Tink is right that you might have a sensitivity, it might be Candida, or something else and you may want to get a test to verify what it is... but to actually answer your question, yes, Boric Acid ... Read More »

Does Holosync work for depression?

On One Hand: Meditation Can Help In DepressionMeditation is a popular means to attain peace of mind and stability and boost self-confidence. However, getting results from traditional meditation met... Read More »

How Does Freezing-Point Depression Work?

It takes just one snowstorm for us to be thankful that our knowledge of science can help us deal with the fierce beauty of nature. Being able to lower the freezing point of water enables us to trav... Read More »

Low-Cost Treatment for Depression?

Depression is the most common psychological disorder in the United States, affecting 17 million people each year. Many treatment options are available, including medication, psychotherapy, diet, ex... Read More »