How well does the XFX 8600gt do with dx9 games ?

Answer As good as any other nVidia cards, all of them are designed to work properly with dx9 (some with dx10 as well).

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Can I use a DVI-D cable with a 8600GT?

DVI-I (I for interlaced) can handle both digital and analogueDVI-D (D for Digital) can handle digital onlyAny current day LCD will be able to support the connector.

Which is better: 8600GT 256MB or a 9400GT 512MB?

Galaxy GeForce GF 8600GT 512MB DDR2 PCI-E 8600 GT 512?

yes it will! o and make sure ur power supply supplies 400watts at least i have one 8600gt too and it requires 350watts, and yes of course try getting ther DDR3 one its much faster even though its o... Read More »

Operating temps for GeForce 8600GT with stock cooling?

When you're playing a game, the card is working much harder, causing it to heat up. Those temps don't sound too bad to me. Much cooler than this unfortunate being: Read More »