How well does spironolactone work for hair loss?

Answer On One Hand: Female BaldingSpironolactone is one of the most common drugs prescribed for women experiencing female pattern hair loss. Hair loss in females is most commonly caused by an abnormal abu... Read More »

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Is hair loss a side effect of Spironolactone?

Hair loss is not a known side effect of Spironolactone, which is used for fluid retention and swelling due to liver cirrhosis or kidney problems, to lower aldosterone or raise potassium. Those cond... Read More »

Does phentermine work well for weight loss Fat loss to be specific?

Phentermine is a wonderful weight loss product. After my wife delivered our child, she started working out, exercising, and she was also supplementing with phentermine. She lost alot of fat in a fa... Read More »

Does hair loss shampoo work?

On One Hand: Some Hair Loss Shampoos May WorkThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration has only approved minoxidil and propecia as treatments for hair loss. However, a study performed by the Department... Read More »

Does Propecia work for hair loss?

On One Hand: Propecia for Hair LossAccording to, Propecia (finasteride) is a prescription drug used to treat male pattern baldness by preventing testosterone from turning into dihydrotest... Read More »