How well does dish network work?

Answer On One Hand: As Good as Cable?According to Mike Bacon of, "Customers report that their (Dish Network) reception is quite good, usually." According to Dish Network, the digital audio and... Read More »

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How well does dish network tv work in the UK?

No. It still comes on adult swim (cartoon network) on staturdays after 12 pm.

How well does DISH network service work during bad weather?

Answer"Small satellites are line of sight. Like a flashlight beam. The more clouds between you and the signal the weaker the signal. If you do this with rain you get more loss of signal. Just how m... Read More »

How well does dish network service work during bad weather in Michigan?

With any satellite service, you will experience loss of signal sometimes during inclement weather. If the installation is done correctly and you are getting a strong signal, the loss of signal shou... Read More »

What is a dish network and how does it work?

Dish Network is one company among several that offer Television programming that is transmitted via satellite directly to a small dish shaped receiving antenna mounted to the side of the customer's... Read More »