How well do white and whole wheat carbohydrates compare nutritionally?

Answer They are poor sources of carbohydrate.

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How to Plant Soft White Wheat?

Common wheat, or Triticum aestivum, has long been cultivated as a source of dietary starch and protein, which it produces in abundance within its grains. Numerous strains of wheat exist, including ... Read More »

Does white or wheat bread mold first?

White bread does not necessarily mold faster than wheat bread or vice versa. The way bread is stored and the ingredients it contains are what determine how fast bread molds. Breads that do not cont... Read More »

What bread decays faster, white or wheat?

Most forms of refined white bread contain some forms of preservatives. Because of these chemicals, the white bread will take longer to decay than a comparable loaf of whole wheat bread.References:U... Read More »

Why Is There White Mold on Wheat Grass Sprouts?

People grow wheatgrass, in their homes, and with the aid of a juicer extract the juice in the stems as a health benefit. According to "Knowledge: Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice" the juice is good for... Read More »