How well do nissan vans last?

Answer On One Hand: Nissan is pushing for durabilityNissan has made a recent push toward advertising durability in its cars, according to Nissan's minivan, the Quest, rates a five ... Read More »

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How Long Do Chrysler Vans Last?

By taking care of your Chrysler van and with proper maintenance, many vans last well over 200,000 miles. With upgrades to parts, it can last even longer than that.Source:Chrysler MiniVan

Did you sleep well last night?

Yes, thanks for asking. It ended with a dream in which I was sitting in front of my Aunt Bobby's house in Providence, RI and her household staff were all outside on the front lawn cheering the dea... Read More »

How long will water last in a well?

Water will stay in a well as long as the bottom of the well is above the water table.

How to tell if the well on a piece of property is going to last?

Have the water quality tested for contamination: bacteria, minerals, ph, etc.To test for volume or the amount of water you will be able to extract without the well drying up temporarily. You need t... Read More »