How weeks until the foetus weighs 1 gram?

Answer The foetus weighs 1 gram between 5-8 weeks.

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If the baby weighs what it should at 37 weeks but you are only 35 weeks and experiencing contractions is it safe to go into labor early?

Answer Hello, Jamison here, As A rule it is not A good idea to induce or allow labor early, Only YOUR personal doctor can tell you if you need to give birth early, There are A LOT of factors ... Read More »

If a baby is born at 26 weeks what is its chances of living if it only weighs 1 pound 6 ounces?

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What can you do to induce labor at 37 weeks pregnant the baby weighs 3259g and the lungs are mature you cant cope with the pain any more?

Your doctor says that you are only 36 weeks but the ultrasound says the baby already weighs 8lbs7oz your other kids were all pretty small is this normal or could they be off on your due date he also s?

Answer 36 weeks is 9 months, you are full term. due date could be off by a little but i think you are about ready to go.