How weed killer can kill you?

Answer It can kill you because it has chemicals in it that are poisonious to humans

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What weed killer can you use that won't kill your asparagus?

I wouldn't use any weedkiller anywhere near anything your going to eat! Even if it didn't kill your asparagus which it probably would, it would probably be harmful to you or your family. About the ... Read More »

Weed killer that does not kill ice plant?

Magnesium Chloride can be used to kill weeds in ice plant. The California Department of Transportation has a document at that says: "Magnesium... Read More »

Can you use weed killer to kill a brush stump?

You can use weed killer to kill a brush stump. You'll have to apply the weed killer immediately after cutting the tree or bush down, however, because it will develop a protective layer of cells ove... Read More »

Will weed killer kill an apple tree?

Some weed-killers are designed to work "only" against some plants or family of plants. Other weed-killers are just general killers and kill all plants. This including trees. If you are uncertain ... Read More »