How water resistant is the droid razr Can it withstand spashing?

Answer Do not risk it. Get a waterproof case for it or take a waterproof camera. There are some quite cheap waterproof video cameras available.Much cheaper than replacing your phone.

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When will droid razr m launch in india?

It already has you can get it for around 27k or 28k check…

Will the droid razr have an led indicator light?

Yes, the Razr has an Led light to show new texts, mail, facebook messages etc. it also doubles as a low battery warning light.

Should you get a droid razr maxx or an iPhone 4S?

Siri! [speaks English (US+UK+Aus), French, German, and Japanese and more coming soon!]Twice as fast A5 processor that almost NEVER crashes... trust me!8 mega pixel camera + 1080p video recording + ... Read More »

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