How was yogurt made when you had no starters?

Answer There are natural bacteria in the air and once they settle on milk they will begin the fermentation one to two days, yogurt will be created. That batch of yogurt may not taste all tha... Read More »

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How is yogurt made?

Yogurt is a cultured milk drink that has been acidified. The low ph level prevents spoilage by retarding the growth of pathogens. Yogurt can be made from the milk of cows, sheep and goats by the ad... Read More »

What is yogurt made from?

The largest part of yogurt is made from milk; whole, low fat or nonfat. Other main ingredients in yogurt include nonfat instant dry milk solids and commercial yogurt starter culture. You can make y... Read More »

Who first made yogurt?

Although historians are unable to pinpoint its exact origin, yogurt is generally believed to have been discovered in the Middle East or Central Asia around 6000 B.C. The word "yogurt" originates fr... Read More »

How is yogurt commercially made?

All yogurt, including commercial yogurt, is made the same way: milk is fermented to create lactic acid and characteristic tang, flavor and texture.MethodCommercial producers pasteurize and homogeni... Read More »