How was transportation in the 1600s in Virginia?

Answer Fraud and Attempted Fraud are not much differentiated in the United States. They are both Felony offenses. Yes. Fraud Charges can still ensue if an attempt at fraud was made even though it was not... Read More »

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How many people got TB in the 1600s?

Tuberculosis was a leading cause of death in 1650, but no one knows how many suffered from the disease. Sylvius identified tuberculosis in 1679 and named tubercles as changing the lungs in his "Ope... Read More »

How to Write an Art Thesis for Art in the 1600s?

A thesis is not an opinion, topic or fact that can be answered with yes or no. An effective thesis consists of two parts -- your argument proposal and support for your claim. The art thesis proves... Read More »

History Projects on Connecticut in the 1600s?

The state of Connecticut has a rich and diverse history, characterized by colonization, religious change and political conflict. The 1600s, in particular, offer a wealth of ideas for research topic... Read More »

Traditional English Food of the 1600s?

The 17th century was one of turmoil in England, characterized by the dissolution of the established government through civil war and the subsequent reestablishment of the monarchy. This occurred la... Read More »