How was the romantic movement a reaction to the past?

Answer According to the website History World, the Romantic movement began in the latter half of the 18th Century and carried on into the 19th Century was a reaction to the Age of Enlightenment. The histo... Read More »

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What is Scrooges reaction to the ghost of Christmas past?

If one had an a itchy reaction to hydrocodone, is it likely that one would have the same reaction to oxycodone?

I'll scratch your backside if you scratch mine

What does it mean if you've been spotting brown and red for the past week and the spots got bigger as the days past?

From www.medsafe.govt : "Chloramphenicol enters the foetal circulation, and if given to the mother shortly before parturition, may cause the gray baby syndrome, with cyanosis and hypothermia, owin... Read More »

How to Know the Difference Between the Past Tense of a Verb and the Past Participle?

Grammar is the system or set of rules that directs sentence construction. English grammar is comprised of a complex system of rules. Many of these rules are based on abstract concepts, such as verb... Read More »