How was the radio broadcast invented?

Answer Radio has been an evolving technology since its inception, serving many functions throughout the years. The need for constant innovation to compete in a consumer culture has shaped the medium and i... Read More »

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When was the first radio ad broadcast?

The first officially recognized radio advertisement aired on August 28, 1922 on WEAF in New York. The radio ad was sponsored by Queensboro Corporation of New York and was used to sell real estate.S... Read More »

Who made the first radio broadcast?

Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian engineer, made the first radio broadcast on December 24, 1906. It was made from Brant Rock, Massachusetts, and was heard by radio operators on a boat in the Atlantic ... Read More »

Can a uhf vhf antenna receive FM radio broadcast?

Any antenna can receive anything, but not very well unless it's the correct length for the frequency you're trying to receive. Yes, this antenna will work so well you will not need a special FM on... Read More »

How to Do a Live Online Radio Broadcast?

On the Internet, you can realize a large variety of dreams in much less time and with much less expense and expertise than the real world dictates. This includes producing a live radio show. There ... Read More »