How was the first house electrical wiring and telephone wiring put in how did the light switches work?

Answer The oldest wiring I have run across is either knob and tube or cleat wiring. The wires did have insulation (rubber had already been invented) and the were supported off the wood frame of the house ... Read More »

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How to Wire for DSL in a House With Telephone Wiring?

A DSL modem sends information to and from the Internet at high speeds over telephone lines, as opposed to other methods that require dedicated coaxial cables. If your home has existing telephone wi... Read More »

How to Detect a Short in Electrical Wiring in a House?

Houses have electrical wiring carrying power to run household appliances. These systems have circuit breakers to interrupt power if a dangerous short circuit occurs. Usually, this short circuit is ... Read More »

Instructions for Wiring Electric Switches?

Switches are often used more than 1,000 times per year and are normally reliable. Because of the constant use of the switch, it can fail and need replacement. There are single-pole switches, which ... Read More »

Which line is load(light) and which is line(hot) in an electrical wiring dimmer switch project?

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