How was the firefly American bistro in manasquan?

Answer A true culinary experience. From the beginning to the end every detail taking care of. You cant get food like this anywhere

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Why is the tv show Firefly called Firefly and not Serenity?

"Whedon wanted to give the show a name that indicated movement and power, and felt that "Firefly" had both. This powerful word's relatively insignificant meaning, Whedon felt, added to its allure. ... Read More »

Serenity is a continuation of the TV show Firefly but do you need to watch Firefly for Serenity to make sense or can it stand on its own?

The film "Serenity" is considered a 'Stand Alone' film that can be viewed without any prior knowledge of the "Firefly" series . In so saying , the film is given greater depth and meaning if a viewe... Read More »

I want to build a bistro set...?

Cruise around the shops and when you see a design you like take measurements and pics. If they say anything to you just tell them you want to make sure it will fit in your flat.

How to Decorate a French Bistro?

The words "French bistro" conjure up images of a warm kitchen environment, tasteful décor, cozy conversations, steaming coffee and freshly baked bread. Bistros are small cafes in European countrie... Read More »