How was recovery from your knee arthoscopy surgery?

Answer Don't panic. This is serious, but surgeons are seriously good at fixing this--they let pro football players back onto the field five to eight months after getting the surgery you need. I've had i... Read More »

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If you are scheduled to have knee surgery and you switch jobs and put your surgery off for several months can the new insurance company deny coverage of your surgery?

Recovery From Dog Spay Surgery?

A canine spay is when the uterus and ovaries are surgically removed from your female dog, which is also called an ovariohysterectomy. This is performed prior to your puppy's first heat cycle, most ... Read More »

Recovery from ankle surgery?

bone takes 8 wks to heal, tissues take 6....when it comes down to the ankle, there are many components, & all depending on the breaks, types, locations, it may just take quite a while for these bon... Read More »

Recovery from an Eyelid Lift Surgery?

The rate of recovery after blepharoplasty--commonly known as an eye lift--depends on how prepared you are before and after your surgery. With proper planning, bouncing back can go smoothly. ... Read More »