Who invented pudding just regular pudding?

Answer Tyler Obrien, coz he is a true, massive FOB

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Who invented Christmas pudding?

Christmas pudding is derived from an old Celtic dish that was known as frumenty. Christmas pudding is a type of soup that includes raisins and wine. This dish has a thick consistency.Source:Woodlan... Read More »

Who invented rice pudding?

No one knows exactly who invented rice pudding. The earliest mention of rice pudding is in ancient Roman medicine books, where it was recommended for upset stomachs. Recipes for rice pudding first ... Read More »

Who invented Mexican rice pudding?

Like many other common dishes, Mexican rice pudding wasn't invented by any one person but developed over time. Rice pudding, or "arroz con leche," entered Mexico with the Spanish. The use of cinnam... Read More »

Who invented the plum pudding model?

English physicist Joseph John Thompson invented the plum pudding model to explain the makeup of an atom. Thompson's model showed the atom as being composed of protons scattered throughout the atom... Read More »