According to a commercial I saw Buffy was supposed to end after season 4 does anyone know what happened that it got renewed not that I'm not happy about it but still?

Answer Buffy continued for a total of 7 seasons on screen. The first 5 seasons were on the WB network; season 6 and 7 on UPN. Seasons 8 and 9 have continued in graphic novel form, and are considered canon... Read More »

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Does any one know about a woman that was supposed to have been taken from the wright Patterson afb parking lot in 1972 or 1973?

The SCO is tasked with securing and handling the disipositon of the personal effects (PE) of deceased active duty. He secures, inventories, records the effects of the deceased that are on governmen... Read More »

How are you supposed to baby sit a sibling that does not lissen and tells you that your not the boss of him?

Find his weak spot. For example I'd tell him that I'm going to ring mum right now and she'll REALLY have it in for him. Maybe try (if they're older) that you're going to go making up embarassing st... Read More »

Does any 1 know what picture package im supposed to download for a sony dcr-trv260?

You don't need any specific picture package for still images on the TRV260. Connect the camcorder to your computer with the USB cable and your computer should automatically detect the camcorder. Yo... Read More »

What is a home theatre sub woofer supposed to sound like I just bought one and want to know if its working?

A properly set-up home theater sub won't make any sound other than rumble. If you turn of all the speakers leaving only the subs on, and play some tracks with low freq. content, you should hear ehm... Read More »