How was colored paper first made?

Answer Modern paper as we know it was first created by Ts'ai Lun of China in 105 A.D. Before the manufacturing of papers using synthetic dyes, colored paper was created using natural dyes and pigments.Col... Read More »

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When were colored pencils first made?

The artist's colored pencils that are so commonly used today contain hardened wax mixed with a color pigment. These items were first sold in sets of 60 different colors, beginning in 1924 in German... Read More »

Who made the first plain paper copier?

The first plain paper copier was made by Xerox in 1959. Inventor Chester Carlson was the creator of the Xerox 914 plain paper copier, which could make up to 100,000 copies per month.Source:National... Read More »

When was the first paper money made?

The earliest paper money comes from China. The Chinese printed the earliest known paper money during the 7th century, according to the Money Museum. Specifically, paper money came to circulation in... Read More »

Who made the first paper fortune teller?

The paper fortune teller, otherwise known as the 'cootie catcher,' is a piece of origami. The art form of origami was introduced to Japan by China. It was during the Edo period, between 1600 and 1... Read More »