How was colored paper first made?

Answer Modern paper as we know it was first created by Ts'ai Lun of China in 105 A.D. Before the manufacturing of papers using synthetic dyes, colored paper was created using natural dyes and pigments.Col... Read More »

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Can colored paper be composted?

Do not compost colored paper because it contains ink and heavy metals that will more than likely mix with the soil during the decomposition process. Also avoid magazines and glossy inserts such as ... Read More »

Do they still make colored toilet paper?

The only colored toilet paper available is novelty toilet paper. Companies stopped making colored toilet paper because the dye was not biodegradable and some people were sensitive to the dyes.Sourc... Read More »

How to Change a Colored Paper Window?

Windows covered in decorative tissue paper can be beautiful -- especially when light pours through them. This play of color and light reminds onlookers of stained glass. Tissue-paper windows also ... Read More »

How to Use Different Colored Paper for Rough Drafts?

Rough drafts serves as an effective tool for producing quality term papers. Rough drafts allow you to flush out your thoughts and organize your paper. Through revisions, you are able to add more fo... Read More »