How was a katana sword made?

Answer Katana swords are a type of Japanese weaponry that dates back as early as the 13th century. Modern katana swords are forged using the same process that was used hundreds of years ago.Speed and Stre... Read More »

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How long is a katana sword?

A samurai deemed his katana to be the right length if the tip barely cleared the ground when he held the sword vertically at his side. Most blades were 25 to 26 inches long, with an additional 11 i... Read More »

How to Sword Fight With a Katana?

The primary weapon of the Samurai, the katana, is a steel-forged blade that is wielded both double- and single-handedly and is used to deliver lightening-quick and potentially lethal strikes to an ... Read More »

How to Make a Paper Katana Sword?

Origami is the art of making folded designs from pieces of paper. You can make a paper katana sword that will let you pretend to be a ninja---without any of the dangers of a real sword. A sheet of... Read More »

How to Learn to Sword Fight Using a Katana?

The sword most commonly associated with the samurai class of Feudal Japan, the katana, can be identified by its long, curved, single-edged blade. Samurais would spend a lifetime refining their swor... Read More »