Who was the youngest female executed in the US?

Answer The youngest female to be executed in the U.S. was native American Hannah Ocuish who publicly hanged in Connecticut on December 20, 1786, for the murder of another child. She was just 12 years and... Read More »

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What is timothy hay?

Timothy hay is hay cultivated from timothy grass, otherwise known as phleum pratense. Animals that commonly eat timothy hay include typical livestock (especially cattle, sheep and horses) as well a... Read More »

Is timothy a grass hay?

Drying natural, perennial timothy grass results in the production of timothy hay. As a regular part of many small pets' diets, timothy hay includes a high amount of fiber and helps maintain the ani... Read More »

When this algorithm is executed with input = 5, what would be the output please help!?

I wrote the following code to answer the question: n = 3, the answer is 3When n = 4, the answer is 5When n = 5, the answer is 8When n = 6, the answer is 13I think yo... Read More »

Who is Timothy Hutton's father?

According to Internet Movie Database, the father of actor Timothy Hutton is actor Jim Hutton. Jim Hutton suffered from liver cancer and died at the age of 45 on June 3, 1979.Source:Internet Movie D... Read More »