Ok so in dbz when frieza killed (or thought he killed) all of the saiyans why didnt porunga have broly kill?

Answer From the beginning of his life, Broly was plagued by threatening environments, which evidently have had a lasting impression on his character. The day he was born, he was noticeably disturbed by Go... Read More »

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Who killed Big Bird?

Who killed Liu Kang?

Liu Kang was killed when Shang Tsung ambushed him while he was practicing martial arts. Shang Tsung snapped Liu Kang's neck, instantly killling him. Liu Kang is a popular character in the Mortal Ko... Read More »

Why is Grendel killed?

Grendel was killed in the story of Beowulf because he was evil and he have been killing many men in the Hall of Heorot for 12 years.

I saw a women and a man get killed?