What is Earth's atmosphere made of?

Answer The Earth's atmosphere is composed primarily of nitrogen, oxygen and argon. The primary element is nitrogen which accounts for approximately 78 percent of the elements. Oxygen accounts for 21 perce... Read More »

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What is the mantel of the earth made out of?

The Earth's mantle, sandwiched between its crust and core, is primarily composed of solid rock with isolated pockets of melted rock, or magma. The mantle makes up about 85 percent of the earth's to... Read More »

What was Earth's primitive atmosphere made of?

Many scientists believe that Earth's early atmosphere likely contained ammonia, hydrogen, helium, methane and carbon dioxide. There is agreement that free oxygen was not present in the earliest atm... Read More »

Does Earth have an atmosphere made mainly of nitrogen?

The atmosphere of Earth is made up mainly of nitrogen. The composition of the atmosphere is 78-percent nitrogen, 21-percent oxygen and 1-percent argon. There are also trace amounts of water, carbon... Read More »

What alloy is Earth's core made of?

The Earth's core consists of two portions. The inner core is a solid, primarily iron-nickel alloy with probable traces of oxygen and sulfur. The outer core is liquid; the temperature is hot enough ... Read More »