How was Battleship navy to a carrier navy shift seen in World War 2?

Answer After aerial bombardment on battleships, it seemed big gunned castles were obsolete. If a couple of aircraft can sink a ship like the Musashi (HIJMS, WWII), aircraft carriers became the most powerf... Read More »

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Did the pilots during World War 2 that flew off the navy carriers fall under the army air corp or where they navy?

The Navy has always flown its own aircraft on aircraft carriers, since the first carrier was commissioned March 20th, 1922. There have been other types of aircraft flown on/off carriers by the army... Read More »

What were the total US Navy Casualties in World War 1 What were Navy deaths due to 1918 influenza?

I hate to be vague, but you can just about do anything you want. Repair engines, teach classes, shoot really big guns, work with SEAL teams, BE on a SEAL team (good luck with that). The opportuniti... Read More »

How come the US Navy is the top ten most powerful navy in the World?

Because the United States Navy has the World's longest nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise. The USS Enterprise can carry more planes than any other carriers. The United States Navy... Read More »

What is navy carrier?

a navy carrier:-deck to allow for take off and landings of fighter jets-capable of carrying an entire arsenal of weaponry includes planes, missiles. ect-basically an airport floating on water.-able... Read More »