How was 1st pregnancy labor?

Answer Answer Yes. Natural childbirth hurts more though.

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How long is labor on average with the first pregnancy?

This is a very hard question to answer. When I was younger I worked in labor and delivery. I have seen 20 minute labors and I have sesen 32 hour labors. The amount of time in labor really depends o... Read More »

If you are having twins are your pregnancy and labor worse if you are overweight?

Answer Excess weight makes anything physical more difficult. Excess weight AND twins both predispose to pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in the urine).Depending on your previous obs... Read More »

When will you go into labor if you are 90 percent effaced in 1cm dilated and this is your second pregnancy?

It sucks cause you don't know. You gotta have contractions that are under five minutes apart. And the dililation (10cm) too! I am 36 weeks and can barely wait to have this baby. Good Luck with your... Read More »

Things know one told you about pregnancy/labor & babies....?

I am going to be 35 weeks this Friday and I find being pregnant very interesting, yet more difficult than I thought. Here are some of mine...*Being able to go to sleep after I get off work and slee... Read More »