How valid are political polls?

Answer On One Hand: Best Measure of Public OpinionWhen conducted scientifically by "reputable polling organizations," notes the National Council on Public Polls (NCPP), polls are "the best objective measu... Read More »

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How accurate are political polls?

On One Hand: They're Very AccuratePolitical polls use surveys to provide estimates of the opinions or expected behavior of a certain group of people. Polls are conducted by surveying a representat... Read More »

Valid 18+ ID Corners cut from licence while I wait for new QLD licence with chip, is this valid ID for clubs?

Yeah just use your old card, maybe bring your letter as well in case they question it.

How to Use Linkedin Polls?

LinkedIn offers a polls application that lets you poll LinkedIn's more than 100 million users about business and professional topics. A LinkedIn poll is a short question with up to five potential a... Read More »

How to Campaign at the Polls in November?

Working as a political campaign staffer is an exciting and exhausting experience. Political campaigns last for several months leading up until the minute the polls close on election day in November... Read More »