How useful is Wikipedia =]?

Answer Very and sometimes not. Advantages of Wikipedia:- gives extremely detailed and full answers to various topics, subjects and information- written in many languages. - mostly reliable information wi... Read More »

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Wikipedia dump file download interrupted. I have a partially downloaded file. can that be made useful?

Is there a wikipedia macro for "This page is stupid. You can help wikipedia by deleting it."?

Yahoo should have such an option; it would be better than all of their continuous "oops" messages, lol.

Why is the wikipedia section on Yahoo answers only answered by people who hate wikipedia?

There are three main reasons that people will attempt to contribute to an information service like Wikipedia or Yahoo! Answers.First, there are people who contribute because they genuinely want to ... Read More »

Why is wikipedia not working I am in the UK! I am using google chrome Am I blocked from viewing wikipedia?