How unsafe is it to pull your own tooth?

Answer My uncle use to pull his own teeth with a pliers. He never got any infections. Then again he use to drink alot also. So just drink lots of alcohol after you do it to kill the infections.

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If you have a small cavity in a baby tooth that still has roots on it should you fill the cavity or pull the tooth?

The best thing would be to have a filling put in the tooth. But if the tooth is going to fall out soon, the dentist may recommend pulling it instead. Have it looked at by a dentist and then do what... Read More »

How do you pull a tooth out yourself?

In England if you cant afford dental treatment you can go to a Dental Teaching Hospital and get free treatment...I`m sure you will have something similar...otherwise good luck suppose a good pair o... Read More »

The best way to pull a tooth out?

Go to the dentist!!! Don't attempt to pull it yourself because the roots need to come out and you don't want to run the risk of damaging a nerve or something.Let the pro's do it.

How do i pull out my tooth?