How traumatic are stereotactic breast biopsies?

Answer On One Hand: Easy As PieStereotactic breast biopsies really aren't traumatic at all. According to, most women report little or no pain during the procedure.On the Other: A Little ... Read More »

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What is an advantage of stereotactic radiosurgery?

The beam can be focused on any structure in the brain, allowing access to tumors or malformed blood vessels that cannot be reached by open-skull surgery.

During my colposcopy, the doctor took biopsies of Abnormal Cells/Displasia... do I have cancer?

I've had several colposcopies done, three biopsies, and a LEEP to remove my dysplasia (bad cells) last week. If you have tiny lesions and the doctor said that, you won't be dealing with cancer (dys... Read More »

What would be more traumatic hearing?

Which do you think? Hearing someone you loved committed suicide is traumatic; finding the body more so. When my Mom found my brother with the top of his head blown off, my parents were never the sa... Read More »

How to Cope With a Traumatic Event?

When something traumatic happens, the shock can reverberate in our thoughts and feelings for extended periods of time. The amount of time it takes to recover corresponds to the degree of loss the t... Read More »