How to you view recording make on a mini cam?

Answer Editing on a computer is best but you can watch it on a TV.

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How to Get Your Mini DV Recording Onto Your PC?

MiniDV camcorders record video and audio footage on MiniDV tapes. Recording in this manner is not an option for most people since few computers come with MiniDV tape players (they have to be purcha... Read More »

Is Re-recording over mini dv tapes bad for a vx1000?

Bad for the heads? No. The tape has a plastic substrate to which the metal oxide (that stores the digital information) is bonded. Over time, the plastic stretches, the metal oxide can flake. This d... Read More »

I want a mini recording studio in my room?

go to either or and look for an audio interface. the interface will allow you to connect a mic/instrument to your computer, and also includes so... Read More »

Recording pay per view from directv h23 600 receiver and a DVD recorder?