How to you install a game and not have to use the cd again?

Answer It is not possible for ALL games, many CDs nowadays have a file that, without, the game cannot run. This is to ensure that you have actually purchased the game.However, some games have breaks, you ... Read More »

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Windows 8 is installed but have to install again help!?

Did you try what I had mentioned last time I answered this question? Attempting to erase all partitions and reinstall Windows?

If i install Zorin-os can i uninstall at anytime and have windows 7 again?

If you install Zorin it will replace your windows 7, and you won't get it back. You need to create a partition on your hard drive and install it on that part of the hard drive.

Do you have to have internet when you want to install a game on your iPhone?

Whats your all time favourite movie y'know the one you could watch again and again and again...?