How to write alliterative poetry?

Answer Alliterative verse is defined not by rhyme and meter but by the repetition of stressed syllables beginning with the same sound. Alliterative verse likely pre-dates Old English, possibly dating back... Read More »

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How to Write Your Best Poetry?

Many people don't look at poetry as an art form. Most think of it as a high school class they take for one year and never use again. However, poetry is an excellent way to express your feelings and... Read More »

How to Write Poetry for Yourself?

Poems, poems, and poems. Everyone loves them. Learn how to write a wonderful poem made by you!

How to Write Poetry in the Classroom?

Poetry is not just a pretentious hobby for snobs. Poetry is a powerful medium that has the ability to express the range of human emotions and circumstances in a way other literary forms cannot. One... Read More »

How to Become Inspired to Write Poetry?

Writing free verse poetry can be a great release for your emotions, emotions and thoughts. Here is how to express yourself in free verse.