How to work outer calve muscles Point toes in or out?

Answer I always felt my outer calves more when I pointed my toes in, make sure you establish a mind-muscle connection with your calves to really focus in on the muscle you're working, it helps.

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How to Point Toes Hard for Ballet?

Having a very hard, pointed toe is very important in ballet. It will help you on turns, relieves (rises) as well as jumps (elevation). It is also very important for you pointed toe to be excellent ... Read More »

Is it harmful if a baby cries to the point of causing broken blood vessels or visible tiny spots on the outer corners of her face near her eyes?

My second baby crawled at 5 months!! She is now a "middle" child & is now 7.She has been non-stop ever since!But they youngest was a baby in India at the age of 3 months.!

Will hydroponics work in outer-space?

NASA and several other institutes are testing and trying it out, however, nobody knows for sure.

I can't feel my right foot and can't point my toes up Foot Drop?

Foot Drop doesn't happen instantly like that. I have it and it is a very gradual condition, that takes months or years to show up.