How to work for sony?

Answer Hi Alejandro: First you need to learn how to post in the correct Y!A Category... this is Camcorders, and although Sony makes those too, the PlayStation game series is discussed in "Games & Gear" Ca... Read More »

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Will a Sony PlayStation remote work with a Sony Blu-ray player?

Although Sony makes both the PlayStation and a separate Blu-ray player, the PlayStation remote is not compatible with the stand alone Blu-ray player. The PS3 uses bluetooth technology, while the Bl... Read More »

Can a sony blu ray disc player and sony blu ray style tuner work with a Philips 42 inch 120hz 1080p lcd hdtv with two hdmi cables?

Does the Sony STR DE835 work as a pre-amp?

I think AVDADDY misunderstood your question. Since this is an older receiver you may be in luck. These days most receivers only have a subwoofer pre-out but older receivers frequently did have fu... Read More »

How do you use or work Sony PSP with IR Port?

Hello here is the site for it where you can download the code book on most remotes you can find the codes for your tv by doing thi... Read More »