How to wipe everything off a computer and start over again?

Answer Format the hard drive

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Is there anyway I can wipe everything off my computer, and start all over again?

yes, you need to erase everything, and reinstall Windows XP. When I do this, I get my computer buddy to help me...but it really isn't very difficult. Just backup bunches of stuf... Read More »

How to Wipe Clean a Computer and Start Over?

Computers do not usually remain as fast as they were when first purchased. After regular use, the hard drive gets full, the memory gets used up, and junk files accumulate and cause lagging or freez... Read More »

Is it OK to put a phone near a computer Will it wipe all the data from the computer?

yes it is OK to put a phone next to a computer and no it will not wipe anything off it... where did you get such an idea?

How to wipe out a computer?

Start by backing up all data you want to save. I say again back up all data you want to save. One of the easiest and my personal favorite ways to do this is. Start by restarting the computer. Hit F... Read More »