How to wear a oversized button up shirt?

Answer Wear any color camisole with the white button top, tie it up to where your belly button is and wear jean shorts. Don't button it all the way up and wear a colorful necklace and some nice flats.

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How to turn a mens oversized button up shirt into a dress?

I wouldn't add one stitch!! I would not only leave it in tact, I would keep the collar and sleeves buttoned. I would wear a petite black(lady) tie. I would add a wide style black belt to give it... Read More »

How to wear an oversized hawaiian shirt if you are a girl?

find a good tank top and some short shorts and then tie it in a lead tie right above your bellie button with no button

Can you wear a button-down shirt unbuttoned?

Fashion is subjective, so you can really do whatever you want. However, if you need validation from fashion experts, according to Glenn O'Brien, the GQ Style Guy, wearing a button-down shirt unbutt... Read More »

Ladies, is it fashionable and sexy for a guy to wear a graphic tee under a button down shirt?