How to wean off Hydrocodone with just 67 pills?

Answer First, taking 15 - 10mg hydrocodone a day is ALOT! In fact that is way too much. But, I am glad to see you want to cut down. One thing is unclear though. Do you want to get down to 8 or 9 a day or ... Read More »

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I took to 3 hydrocodone pills at once HELP?

It half way sounds like you are worried about the amount of hydrocodone tablets you have taken. Most of those tablets are paracetamol and a fair dose of it, but I doubt it's enough to do you harm. ... Read More »

Would it be safe to take 4 pills of 7.5/750 hydrocodone at once?

STOP! is that even your prescription>? if not, then DON'T TAKE ANY! if it is yours, then how many did your dr say to take? and what does it say on the prescription bottle? THIS IS VERY SERIOUS! peo... Read More »

I've Just been diagnosed with very high cholesterol I am going on pills for it what can i do to get it down?

The answer is low cholesterol diet. Oatmeal was proven to decrease blood cholesterol levels try that too.

I have just taken my last dose of hydrocodone/vicodin. withdrawal does anything help ?

You can expect to be through the worst of the symptoms in 48 hours or so. Until then, take Imodium and drink Gatorade to avoid dehydration. You can take Benedryl-- (diphenhydramine) to help you slo... Read More »