How to view Laptop on TV?

Answer S-Video is a good quality connection type. BUT, it is a Standard Definition (SD) connection only. So that's why it doesn't look good on HDTVs. I certainly wouldn't bother hooking up a computer t... Read More »

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How do I view a laptop on an external monitor?

Connect your external monitor to the back of the laptop. Almost every laptop has a VGA monitor connection. You can connect your monitor directly to this connection. Hold down the FN or function key... Read More »

How to View Your Laptop on TV Using Video Out?

Connecting a laptop to a TV has become much more in demand with the popularity of online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Newer televisions offer ample inputs to support connecting a lapto... Read More »

How (if possible) can I view DVDs that I put in my laptop on my TV?

Have you tried and S-Video Cable with rca end cables? This would only work if your laptops video card has S-Video output. and then you would need a tv with RCA input cables. The three red and white... Read More »

How to View the Recovery Drive on a Sony Vaio Laptop?

Sony Vaio laptop computer's include a "recovery drive" that stores files necessary to restore your computer to factory settings. This drive isn't actually a separate hard drive; instead, it's a por... Read More »