How to verify a friendster account?

Answer did you mean, how do you verfiy an email addressed used for a friendster account? if so, that's easy.when you signed up for friendster, they send you an email, using the email address you provided.... Read More »

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How can i sent my message to my friends in friendster.they will always says that verify email can?

Whenever you log-on to Friendster (enter the site's homepage wherein you have to type your user name and address), a confirmation message will appear that says you should verify your email to be ab... Read More »

Any-one can Verify Twitter account or only well known people/celebrities can verify?

Right now they're only verifying a handful of accounts, including well known accounts at risk of repeated, proven impersonation, and government agencies. they're only able to verify a small number ... Read More »

How to Delete Your Friendster Account?

Do you want to cancel your Friendster account? Then follow these steps on how to do it.

How can i remove a friend from my list in friendster account?

Log in you friendster account then on your friend list there is an box with a "X" mark on it. (upper right).Click it to delete him/her as a friend