How to use onion seeds with honey...?

Answer whatcha trying to do with the honey and onion seeds?That information might help you get a good answer.As far as I know you can do what ever you want with onion seeds and honey...

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Are nigella seeds onion seeds?

Nigella seeds come from a flower of the buttercup family. The black seeds are also known as "black cumin." Although frequently thought to be onion seeds, they are not the same. Nigella seeds are w... Read More »

What do onion seeds need to grow?

Growing onions from seed requires some amount of care in setting up the garden. However, onions plants can yield a great deal of onions once they mature.SoilOnions need to grow in well-irrigated, m... Read More »

How long do onion seeds last?

Keep onion seeds for only one or two years. Onion seeds are short-lived seeds that can be used for a second year if stored properly in a cool, dry place or freezer.References:Oregon State Universit... Read More »

How to Save Onion Seeds?

Onion seeds are not difficult to grow or to collect, but onions are a biennial, meaning that they set seed the second year. Here's how to save your own seeds for next year's garden, for eating dire... Read More »