How to use my wireless router if i only have a 3G USB Modem?

Answer What you'll most likely need to do is set your computer up to share its internet connection. Then plug the computer into the router's WAN port. Just google "Windows share internet connection" wher... Read More »

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I am using a netflix 8 port router with comcast cable modem, can i add a wireless router to this system?

Its always best to call the company and ask before you invest in a router, but I can't think of any reason you couldn't.

Can I connect a wireless router to a wireless modem wirelessly?

If I understand correctly, your wireless router has no connection point for a modem? If they both have ethernet connections you can run a cat 5 cable to from a "out" port on the TW modem to an inpu... Read More »

Modem/Wireless Router Help?

OK, it sounds like when you hit the reset button on the wireless router it either booted up in safe mode or has restored itself to factory settings. You need to connect your pc to it and log on to ... Read More »

How can I set up a wireless router without a modem?

Some routers will only connect if they can get to an ISP login server. You need a router that gives the option to set a login, it should offer the choice of connections, PPOE, PPOA and LAN. But the... Read More »