How to use Seafoam to clean up your engine?

Answer Seafoam is a great way to de-gunk your engine. Seafoam is a complete fuel system cleaner. It can reduce carbon build up, reduce ping, a rough idle, improve gas mileage and clean out your fuel sys... Read More »

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How to Clean Your Engine Compartment?

Engines run cooler and more efficiently when a thick film of crud doesn't interfere with heat transfer. This is especially important with modern engines that operate hotter in more compact engine c... Read More »

How to Clean Your Car Engine Without Harming the Electronics?

The engine in your car is like the heart; without the engine the car wouldn’t be much good. Your engine may not be anything spectacular, but it gets you around. Or you may be a big horsepower fan... Read More »

How to Really Clean Your Motor or Engine Compartment?

Does transmission fluid clean the inside of your engine?

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for your transmission. The transmission is separate from the engine and is used to transfer the power generated by the engine into propulsion using gears. Tra... Read More »