How to upload video from mytouch 4g?

Answer Upload to what?Computer?Sync with your computer. Upload to video sharing site...

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How to Upload a Video From a CD?

It is easy to transfer a video from another location or computer to your computer. Simply save the video to a rewritable CD using a CD burner, then upload it to a different computer. All you need i... Read More »

How do I upload a video from a camcorder to a PC?

Find the Firewire port on your camcorder; the port is usually on the back of the camera or inside the flap that opens to reveal extra controls on the camera or the LCD window. Connect a Firewire ca... Read More »

How to upload a video from iPHone 5 to Macbook Pro?

My method...1) Launch iTunes. Sync. Quit iTunes.2) Launch iPhoto. Locate the video, drag to desktop. Quit iPhoto.3) Launch iMovie. Under "File", select "Import Movie..."You can skip step 2 if you k... Read More »

How to upload Video from Camcorder to Computer?

You need a firewire Port (IEEE1394) in your computer. If you do not have that port, they sell cards you can install in either a laptop or tower for about $25. Then get a firewire cable to hook yo... Read More »