How to upload pictures from Lg Vu cellphone to computer?

Answer You need to go into your LG VU menu. Select settings the bottom tab on the right side (looks like a wheel cog) then select the Plus sign in the bottom right (more)then the second option will be con... Read More »

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When I connect my canon powershot sd500 to the computer I can't upload any pictures it says that the pictures are not a supported file how do i fix that?

The relationship is direct. The greater the video resolution the more pixels it requires. Digital imaging and computer screens address each and every pixel on the screen directly. you can decide E... Read More »

Could somone on a cell phone send pictures to someone on a computer using the cellphone?

Yup you just need to put in the email address on contacts then you can send the pics!!Hope i helped!!

How Do I Upload Pictures Onto a Computer?

From Camera or Storage MediaEstablish a connection between the computer and the removable storage device where the pictures are stored. The device may be a memory card, USB flash drive, or a digita... Read More »

How do you upload pictures to computer from iPhone?

With an Iphone, all you need is an ipod/iphone usb cable. You plug it in to tour computer, and there's a couple different folders. One of them has all your pictures stored on them. From there y... Read More »