How to upload music from my computer into a play list for tumbr?

Answer Hello i dont know if you remember me but you chose me as your best answer in can i make a personal connection with a mouse!Im am sad to hear that nuttella died but i wanted to say don't trust the g... Read More »

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How to Upload Music From My Computer?

Music uploading creates a way for Internet users to share and market their songs as artists and promoters, over the web. Uploading is conducted through the process of audio hosting. Audio hosting i... Read More »

Is it okay to upload illegal music to Google play?

If you know that the word "illegal" is bad then obviously you shouldn't upload it

How long does it take to upload a music CD to the computer?

It all depends on how many Megabytes each song holds, how many programs are running on your computer; the more programs that are running, the slower your computer will run. And this goes for everyt... Read More »

Do you have to own a computer to upload music to an MP3 player?

You must have access to a computer to add songs to an MP3 player. The music is stored on the computer, and saved in a format such as MP3. The only way to transfer the music to the player is by conn... Read More »