How to upload a homemade DVD into computer?

Answer you should use software created for the format you are using, the best all around is Pinnacle Studio 500 USB

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How can I find the code to a game to upload into my new computer?

These codes that you have to enter are the "proof" that you have bought the game (they are the license keys). If you don't have the keys then you're not allowed to use the software.If you can't fin... Read More »

How to upload music from my computer into a play list for tumbr?

Hello i dont know if you remember me but you chose me as your best answer in can i make a personal connection with a mouse!Im am sad to hear that nuttella died but i wanted to say don't trust the g... Read More »

How can i upload videos from my cell phone plugging in the usb cable into my computer is only uploading pics?

If you are using Windows OS, connect the phone to your PC with the USB cord and turn it on. Ignore any pop-up menus that come up on the computer screen (close it out). Go to My Computer and look fo... Read More »

How to Upload a Homemade App to the Pre?

The Palm Pre is usually limited to the applications made available in the WebOS store and nothing else. This means homebrew apps created by third-party developers are essentially verboten. With a l... Read More »