How to upload Video from Camcorder to Computer?

Answer You need a firewire Port (IEEE1394) in your computer. If you do not have that port, they sell cards you can install in either a laptop or tower for about $25. Then get a firewire cable to hook yo... Read More »

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How do i upload video's from my camcorder to my pc?

Try using firewire cable. Almost every miniDV camera has firewire port, provided that your computer is installed with firewire card. You only captured photo because you used USB cable

How do I upload a video from a camcorder to a PC?

Find the Firewire port on your camcorder; the port is usually on the back of the camera or inside the flap that opens to reveal extra controls on the camera or the LCD window. Connect a Firewire ca... Read More »

How do I upload my video from my camcorder to youtube?

Check if the file format of your saved video (on your computer's hard disk) is supported file format by youtube. If you're receiving an error with your Upload, you might want to make sure you're at... Read More »

How do i upload my iflip video (1st genration camcorder) onto youtube in hd?

If the camcorder recorded standard definition video in 4:3 format, there is nothing you can do to magically make it high definition. There are ways to stretch the screen to make it 16:9 (widescreen... Read More »